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The Enigmatic Mr. Litchfield

Postmark Jefferson City, MO

February 12, 1930  10:30 PM


Dear Jim:
Say, I’m sorry you didn’t get my letter written Sunday until Tuesday.  I gave it to Dad to mail and I guess he forgot until too late for it to go out Sunday evening.

I had a big surprise this afternoon when I got home.  A nice long letter from a girlfriend of mine in Aurora.  She has a six month old baby, so the letter was mostly about the wonderful boy.  She sent me the cutest picture of him.  I guess he is really quite fine.

The boy is going to be operated on next week.  He has been in Columbia.  I think I told you.  He is so thrilled over it all.  I guess he will have a cleaner bed and better food than he has ever had at home.

Jim, do you think Henry will be angry over not having a date maybe Friday night-really we shouldn’t stay out late because we want to start early Saturday-I’m afraid I’m going to be rather tired anyway.  This has been a bad week-more work and so many things to do.

Well don’t work too hard.  I’ll see you Friday night.



An enigma.  A person, thing or situation that is mysterious, puzzling or ambiguous.

Henry is an enigma.

It is Wednesday and Friday is Valentine’s Day.  In two days, Jim is coming to Jefferson City to spend the weekend with his sweetheart.  Henry, however, doesn’t have a date.  Mary is concerned Henry will be angry that he doesn’t.

Who is Henry?  Why is Mary responsible for getting him a date?

Meet Henry.  Mr. Henry Litchfield to be precise.

While I’ve been sorting and reading through the letterbox, Mother has been sorting and scanning old photos.  Lots and lots of faces and places and poses. Mary saved every photo she took, which should come as no huge surprise given the letters.  I’m guessing that Mother has probably located a few long lost bare bottom baby shots of me…nothing enigmatic about those.

Amid all of that Kodak and Polaroid paper (another thing of the almost past thanks to digital cameras and sharing), Mother found this picture of Jim and Henry.  Jim is on the left.  Isn’t he tall, dark and handsome?  Swoon.

Henry is on the right.  Nice looking fellow.  Kind face.   At this point that’s about all I know.  Oh yeah…he doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day and somehow Mary feels bad about it.

Like I said, Henry is an enigma.

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