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The Art of Flirting Through the Mail

Like a sculptor molding clay or an artist painting a landscape or a musician composing a melody, flirting is an art.  It is creative expression.  It also requires skill and practice.  People flirt for a variety of reasons.  Some people cannot stop flirting.  I’ve met some who should really try.  But mostly, flirting is playful, romantic; gestures and comments to demonstrate interest in the other person.

I was thinking about Mary and Jim and how they flirted through the mail.  How do you send a wink in an envelope?  Or a suggestive smile or a giggle?  Mary sent Jim candy.  Flirting…yes or no?  He calls her “honey.”  Definitely flirting.  Don’t you think?  He flatters  her.  Shamelessly flatters her.  She’s just the sweetest thing he can think of.  Awww!

The next piece of correspondence I find is from Mary.  It is a letter tucked into a purple envelope lined with tissue patterned with gold fans.  The postmark is January 29, 1930, 6:00 PM.

See if you can detect any flirting.

Wednesday, January 29, 1930

Dear Jim:

Well, now I am afraid you have found a girl and quit me.  Please don’t.  I’m afraid I would go jump off the bridge.

I taught school today but I was so sleepy I almost died.  I had to go to the dentist also.  Monday I’ll have them cleaned and then I’ll be through for about six or eight months.

Mother was at a party today and I went for her.  I got stuck on a hill and I thought I would sure be there all night.  I finally had to put the chains down and drive over them.  

Say sometime when Ed Brown gets well and you think about it-ask him for Helen Gilmore’s address.  I would like to drive write her.  I hope your foot is alright-if it isn’t be sure and take care of it because you might have what Ed has-please don’t.

Jim this is going to be rather short but Nixon will mail it and save the walking up the hill tonight.

Write soon.  I hope every thing goes alright in school.



Text messaging is the flirtation tool of this century.  I found seven rules for flirting in a text.  #1  Make smiley faces or frowny faces to communicate your mood.  #2  Use nicknames or pet names whenever possible like “sweetie,”  “darling,”  or “honey.”  #3 Wait for the other person to respond before you send another message.  #4  Asks how he or she feels or what they’re doing.  #5  Act cute and flirty as if the person was with you.  #6  Grab their attention right off the bat.  #7  Be the first one to end the conversation by telling them you need to do something or go somewhere.  Keep them wondering what else you having going on.

Notice any similarities?  No smiley faces or frowny faces, but there is some unquestionable flirting going on.

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