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From the Scenic Limited

From The Scenic Limited Missouri Pacific Lines (St. Louis, Kansas City and the West)

Sunday February 9

Dear Jim,

I will try and write a few lines while going home.  The train is a hard place to write believe me.

We have had a grand trip and everything seemed to come my way.  My aunt gave me a real old silk quilt.  It is lined with blue satin and along the sides it has blue velvet.  It is really an odd thing but very pretty.  I have always like it but didn’t dream she would get so big hearted as to give it to me.

If this train would slow down I might be able to write.  I don’t seem to be able to stay at the desk hardly.

My aunt is so old and sick.  She is just a pity.  She shouldn’t be so helpless but on account of being in several wrecks or accidents in her life she has had about all her bones broken and that has aged her so much.  

Jim, what about the tickets for the game?  Tell me and Dad will give me a check for you.

I guess you have had a big weekend.  I hope so.  

I’ll really do better tomorrow.  Excuse this writing.  The train is awful.



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