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Dear Mary

Dear Mary,

I made an angel food cake to go with fresh Florida strawberries for dessert tonight.  It made me think of you.  My kitchen smells like I remember yours smelling when I was a little girl and licked the batter off the beaters.

I am reading your letters.  The ones you wrote Jim while you were courting.  I didn’t think you’d mind much since you saved them.  

I am amazed that both of you saved three years of letters; notes you wrote every day.  Amazed that most all of them have been preserved. (I wish I had more of the letters Jim wrote to you early on…) More amazed that these didn’t get lost in some cross country move or get damaged over the years. However it was possible, however it came to be, I am grateful.  It is maybe one of the best gifts you ever gave to me.  I just keep opening it up over and over again!

I just finished the letter from your trip in early February 1930 when you visited your Aunt Laura in St. Louis.  I don’t remember you talking about her much, but I know that she was almost 18 years older than your mother, Mena.   She sounds like a special aunt and that you cherished the blue satin and velvet quilt as a treasured keepsake.   Whatever became of that quilt?

The show you saw sounded so interesting that I researched the song you mentioned, “Lover Come Back to Me.”  I found a 1965 television performance by Barbra Streisand on YouTube.  The song is marvelous.  So is Barbra.  

I have so many questions.  What are your big plans with Jim for the upcoming weekend?  Are you going to give him the surprise?  What game are you going to?  Did you go to Brewer Fieldhouse in Columbia to watch Mizzou basketball?  I looked up their season record…they won the Big Six Conference!

 Must close.  Dinner guests coming soon.  Will be glad to read another letter tomorrow.



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