Making Sense Out of Nonsense

Postmark Jefferson City, MO

April 18, 1930  7 PM

Dear Jim:
I was glad to get your letter today.  It must seem good to be all up with your work.  I wish I could say that, maybe by Monday I can be.

Mrs. Nixon and I have just returned from the greenhouse.  We bought some flowers to put out in front of the house.  It is so nice out you want to mess around in flowers. 

I bought a bag to match my shoes today.  It wasn’t very expensive yet rather cute.  I wish I had some money to get several.  There are so many cute ones now.

Jim, I really am sorry not to get to come to Clinton.  I wanted to come so much.  I’ll be glad when I can.

Say, I have gone to bed every night by 8:30 for the last few nights–ever since Sunday.  I should get fat at this rate.

Jim, I hope you get to K.C. alright.  If you can help your Aunt Sally I guess it’s alright, but it seems to me she should should let the Homer go-to and stay put.

Well I must close.  Write soon.  I hope you had a grand time with your folks.

Love, Mary

I had a long letter from Leon-He is fine.  Said he was glad everything was off.  He and Elinor are through for good this time.



It is the end of April (2012) but the weather has been like the end of February. Snow flurries were flying just the other day. They call this “Blackberry Winter.”  I think it is because the blackberry canes are beginning to bloom and the cold snap sets the buds to bear fruit. Right now, it doesn’t make much sense to me, but I guess the chilly weather will be worth it when the berries come in.  Jam.  Cobbler. Muffins.  Compote.  YUM.

Finally, today the sun is shining and the breeze is warm.  Well warm-ish.  This letter inspires me.  Tomorrow I am going to buy some plants for my garden.

And maybe some shoes and a matching purse.

(Just kidding, honey, about the shoes and purse.)  My husband and I call each other “honey” like Mary and Jim did.

What is all the nonsense about going to bed at 8:30 and getting fat?  Or Jim’s Aunt Sally and the “Homer go-to”?  I promise I read and re-read the letter at least 18 times just to be sure I made out the handwriting correctly.  Nonsense.

Getting caught up on work and planting flowers and a matching bag to go with new shoes all makes sense to me.  So, I won’t try to figure out what doesn’t make sense.  Kind of like a “Blackberry Winter.”



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