Lucky Girl

Postmark Jefferson City, MO

March 3, 1930   10 PM

Monday Night

Dear Jim:
I hope you didn’t freeze going back last night.  It seemed so cold for you to ride in an open car so far.  I surely hope you didn’t catch cold.  Dad and Mother thought it was so bad, they just knew you would be sick from it.

I went out to see Frances Millspaugh, the girl that writes to George.  She was so thrilled over you knowing him.  She said when George comes we can get together.  Frances is a lovely girl and from all accounts George hasn’t always been as good as he might be, however he says he is acting better now for a few years he was in a “don’t care state,” and I guess was really wild.  Frances has known him for five or six years.  She has been sick with an attack of appendicitis and is still in bed.  She will have to be operated on but is waiting until George makes his visit.

It has been so cold today.  My room wasn’t warm all day.  Just about 64 this afternoon and about 50 this morning.  

I sure hope you got along alright with your quiz today.  I will be to blame if you didn’t.

Jim, I had such a good time in Columbia Friday night and I enjoyed having you here so much-really I’m getting spoiled with so much attention.



Mary had many friends.  One her good girlfriends while she lived in Jefferson City was Frances Millspaugh.  They both taught at Broadway Elementary School.  Frances was the daughter of Missouri Congressman Frank Millspaugh.  Mary writes Jim and Frances writes George, who apparently was a wild and crazy guy.

Who is George? Why is she waiting on him to have her appendix taken out?  Where is he coming from?  How does Jim know George?

Jim knows George Furtney from engineering school.  George graduated and went to work as an engineer for Wired Wireless Radio Corporation in Cleveland.  He is getting his act together.  George is going to ask Frances to marry him.  How do I know?  Time and more letters will tell.

Today is Friday the 13th.  I’m not one for superstition.  I’m not around ladders enough to walk under one.  We crossed paths with our black cat, Minnie, for 13 years.  Double trouble?  Actually no real trouble.  She caught a mouse once and brought it to the back porch.  Unlucky for the mouse…and for me who had to dispose of the deceased rodent.  Lucky for her, though.  I’ve broken plenty of mirrors so I can’t even begin to count how many years of bad luck.  Mental math isn’t my thing.  Plus, I figure if I don’t know it doesn’t really matter.

There is one superstition I can’t help wondering about today.  In 1903 University of Missouri engineering students decided Saint Patrick should be their patron saint.  The shamrock became a symbol and emblem for the school.  A stone with the three leaf clover is embedded in the sidewalk in front of the classroom building.  Tradition says that if you walk across the shamrock stone, you’ll marry an engineer.  Did Mary walk across the shamrock stone?

Mary is being spoiled with so much attention from  Jim.  Lucky girl.  But it sounds like Jim is going to need good luck on his quiz.

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